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About Brandy


M.S. in Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling from Walden University 


Professional Licensure Wa State DOH  LH60945613 


Integrated Medicine for Mental Health 2019

Gottman Level 3 Trained Clinician



Gottman Method 

Couples Counseling










Integrated Medicine for Mental Health


My Story

In 2004 I began my counseling career where I was working with individuals who were suffering from substance use disorders. Often times these individuals were also dealing with mental health disorders of every type with the most common often anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma. I quickly was able to see that there were very few individuals that I was working with that had not suffered from some form of trauma and nearly all were on medications.  While pursuing my undergraduate degree I set out to understand people and the trauma they had faced better. I entered a predominantly African American college where I would gain cultural competency first hand. Additionally I began attending naturopathic conferences where the healing of the body and mind was being address. 


I remained in the counseling field working with those with co occurring disorders during my pursuit of my graduate degree at Walden University.  In this pursuit of helping others heal, I found that I quickly became frustrated with the way that mental health disorders of every type were being managed rather than healed completely. This began a pursuit that would shape the next part of my journey to wholeness. I began to search for the root causes of mental health disorders rather than a means of managing the symptoms. While I find value in temporarily helping people to cope with the effects that mental illness has had on their life, I find the most passion in helping them completely eradicate the illness all together.

In 2019, I received certification as a Integrated Medicine for Mental Health specialist from the Integrated Medicine for Mental Health institute.


The last 15 years of working with people has helped me to understand their trauma greater and to possess more compassion and understanding of the issues people face while also helping them to overcome and pursue greater purpose in their own lives.  

Relationships have a huge impact on a persons overall mental health. The most important of these relationships is a spiritual connection that is beneficial to the body for wholeness and healing. Additionally relationships with those closest to us have a huge impact on our lives as well. Divorce is the single greatest predictor of challenges that young children face that results in less financial resources, less familial support, poor mental health, poor physical health as well as other factors that impact a child's life experience.  For this reason I share a passion for couples therapy to build strong connections that are lasting and intimate and keep families intact. 

When working with couples, I use the Gottman Approach to couples therapy. (Please see couples therapy page). 

Overall, I am passionate about people healing in every area of their lives, physically, mentally, spiritually and relationally. My passions are seen most when working with individuals who want to explore whole health healing.

In my personal time I enjoy traveling with my husband and boys. My favorite vacation destination has been right here in the beautiful United States on the island of Maui. My other favorite past time is playing with my dog, Suka ("Sugar" in Samoan language)

Thrive Wellness Clinic

27203 216th Ave Southeast

Suite 5

Maple Valley, WA 98038

(425) 243-2094

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