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About Gottman Couples Therapy


Each Therapist is trained in unique methods to provide you with the highest quality of care.  

Please Note: Thrive is an out-of-network provider which means that we bill you directly.  We DO NOT BILL INSURANCE. A payment source is required to secure an appointment and will be billed on the day of services. If you have insurance we can provide you with a monthly superbill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Gottman Couples Therapy

The couples assessment consists of three consecutive sessions. Prior to the assessment, the therapist will send the couple a link to the Gottman Relationship Checkup site to begin a comprehensive online assessment of the relationship. This will take each partner one to two hours to complete and the couple may log out and back in at their leisure until it is complete. This online assessment will need to be completed by the second session of the assessment. 

In the first session, the therapist will meet with the couple together. The session will begin with the therapist asking the couple to have a discussion about the most recent conflict that they have had for ten minutes while the therapist watches and takes notes.  Additionally the therapist will ask the couple to wear an oxometer to monitor heart rate. During this conflict discussion the therapist will not intervene at all. After ten minutes the therapist will stop the discussion and the therapist will ask the couple a series of questions to gain a good understanding of how the relationship came to be. 

The therapist will request that the online Gottman Couples Assessment be completed at least 24 hours prior to the second session to allow time to review the outcome. 

The second session will be split into two 40 minute sessions where the therapist will meet with each partner individually to gain an understanding of who each person is and what their individual histories consist of as well as what concerns they perceive in the relationship.

In the third session, the therapist will meet with both partners together and will provide feedback of the assessment. This is an interactive session with both partners and the therapist collaboratively discussing the strengths of the relationship, the challenges of the relationship and the things that they can work on in future sessions. 

During no time in the assessment phase will the therapist intervene in the relationship.  

The assessment sessions can be weekly or bi weekly.

50 minutes 


80 minutes 


Couples Therapy 

After thorough evaluation of the assessment, couples therapy sessions that will begin to repair relationship issues.  We will work on strenghtening the friendship system, learing how to communicate effectively through conflict, improving trust and commitment, increasing passion and appreciation of one another.  Therapist will ask couples to integrate changes that are made in session to day to day life. These sessions are available weekly or bi weekly.

50 minutes 


80 minutes 


Marathon Therapy

A non traditional approach to couples therapy that accommodates both locals or those out of town who have intense relationship issues that need to be worked through. Most often these session are between 2 to 3 days and between 4 to 6 hours per day. These sessions are designed help couples work through issues more quickly and leave with the feeling that progress has been made in their relationship. Couples who are on the brink of divorce or separation find this the most effective model of treatment as well as couples who have intensive issues to work through such as infidelity or a major betrayal. This approach is also effective for those whose schedules cannot accommodate weekly sessions. Couples who have experienced both traditional therapy and marathon therapy have found marathon therapy to help them make more progress more quickly. The downfall of this therapeutic approach is that when trust has been damaged, it cannot be repaired in a short time frame. Therefor intensive issues can be worked through however trust will need to rebuild over time and continued in weekly Couples Therapy sessions.

4 - 6 hours daily

$240 hour

Couples Retreats

Couples retreats are scheduled annually. This is an opportunity for 6 to 10 couples to get away from their normal day to day lives with the purpose of strengthening their marriage.  Because couples are able to get a reprieve from the daily responsibilities and stressors, the atmosphere makes it easy to have fun, rebuild trust, make new friends, create new rituals of connection and focus solely on your partner without any distractions.  Couples have the opportunity to attend group sessions daily that will include education and resources to understand one another better, increase communication, manage conflict and develop intimacy. Couples will also attend breakout sessions where they will have opportunity with or without the therapist to practice interventions and work through individual issues. Evenings are perfect opportunities to have fun, build intimacy and celebrate the progress that you and your partner are making.  Couples retreats build lasting memories. 

Retreats are held in a variety of locations nationwide including Hawaii, Alaska, Dominican Republic, San Diego, Florida and many more. Pricing for each retreat is based on retreat length and location.


Pricing varies by location 

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