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About George


Master of Social Work at University of Washington, 1997


Professional Licensure Wa State DOH

LW 60070316


Licensed Independent  Clinical Social Worker



Anger Management
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Behavioral Issues
Bipolar Disorders
Body Positivity
Chronic Illness
Chronic Pain
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Communication Issues
Couples Therapy
Domestic Abuse
Eating Disorders
Emotional Regulation
Emotionally Focused Therapy
Existential Approach
Exposure Therapy
Family Issues
Family Systems Approach
Family Therapy
Family Trauma

Gottman Therapy for Couples
Holistic Approach
Humanistic Approach
Identity Issues
Impulse Control Disorders
Intimacy Issues
Life Transitions
Marginalized Populations
Mens Issues
Mind-body Connection
Mindfulness-Based CBT
Mood Disorders
Motivational Interviewing
Multicultural Issues
Perinatal Mental Health
Personality Disorder
Postpartum Depression
Relationship Issues
Sexual Abuse
Substance Abuse
Suicidal Ideation

Transgender Issues
Trauma Focused CBT
Womens Issues



Where is the real you?  Where is the former highly motivated, energetic, adventurous, and health-
conscious version of you that you recognize as your best self? Well, amidst global health scares, social
unrest, isolation and insecurities at seemingly every turn, it can seem our needs for power, freedom,
fun, love and belonging have all but been eradicated.  Are these real-life stressors and your related
thoughts and beliefs ensnaring you in staying stuck and not living your dream? 



Well, you are not alone, the “real you,” is not gone and help is on the way. I know this as I was
previously the person I described above and was immersed in negative self- talk, uncertainty and
clinging to the same old familiar patterns under the guise of security. With help, I decided to escape
decades long contemplation of seeking positive change, a higher purpose and took hold of my life to
pursue my passions and maximize my full potential. And so can you. Together, we can help you
eradicate the negative, disempowering messages you tell yourself, begin to realize your dreams, reclaim
your true spirit and pursue your bliss.
As you know, life is very challenging right now and the pandemic and other related stressors has taken a
toll on all of us.  We are experiencing disempowerment, great restrictions on our freedom, and all too
often are left in brutal isolation that severely compromises our needs for meaningful connection to
others. In fact, scientific research on happiness has identified healthy social connections, altruism and a
mindful recognition of our thoughts and beliefs and a resilience in the face of distress as key pillars of
our wellbeing.

My therapeutic orientation with couples pays great homage to each partner’s familial, cultural and
societal conditioning which are deeply imprinted into both our consciousness and subconscious.  We are
so often unwittingly led by this stealthy GPS in a manner that seeks to exact an equilibrium, aversion or
justice onto our world and those around us.  To understand, the couple is to understand what each
partner brings into it and to take measure of that it, is to take on the role of explorer and as Socrates
implored, “To know thyself.” 
In this spirit, I typically prefer to first meet with each partner individually for one to four sessions to
ascertain a baseline understanding of their experience, how they interpret and relate to the world, the
origins of their current marriage and/or partnership, and level of fulfillment in important life domains. 
From this more granular perspective I can better dissect the elements of conflict as it relates to basic
pursuit of fulfilment which usually involves tension around power.  After meeting with each partner, the
joint sessions commence from a more informed place and absent the oft, “best behavior,” presentation
of each party.
My practice will help you gain insight on your struggles, identify activation strategies and help you
rediscover the former, healthier and happier version of yourself.  On this journey, you will begin to
understand our universal needs, how to fulfill them, and how to combat self-limiting thoughts and
beliefs that create barriers that hold us back.  You, your community and our world as a whole need you
to shine your light and I’m here to help you do just that.  I know we can do it!



Your journey toward growth and fulfillment will be nurtured by my thirty years of supporting others
recover from mental health, substance abuse and general life challenges in community agency, school
and hospital settings.  For you, that committed adult who is being plagued by the gnawing feeling that
you are not living the life you should be, I am passionately committed to helping you with issues of loss,
anxiety, depression, addiction and relationship problems.
My service to others draws from an eclectic and wide range of knowledge and skills spanning client
centered, Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral, Psychoanalytic, Acceptance and Commitment as well as
Schema Therapies aimed at building insight and turning it into action.  I am also a devout proponent of
utilizing Ruiz’s “Four Agreements,” and Glasser’s, “Choice Theory,” paradigms for providing individuals
like you a framework for understanding and freeing ourselves from the clutches that keep us down.

Thrive Wellness Clinic

27203 216th Ave Southeast

Suite 5

Maple Valley, WA 98038

(425) 243-2094

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