About Gina

A.A.S. in Human Services


Chemical Dependency Certificate 

Highline College, 2019

Professional Licensure Wa State DOH




DUI Assessments

Drug and Alcohol Evaluations

Group Therapy

Relapse Prevention

Substance Abuse Education

Motivational Interviewing

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Trauma Informed

My Story


I grew up in Washington and enjoy all the beauty that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, even the rain sometimes… because it’s all about perspective, right? From a young age I knew there was something different about myself and the way I viewed the world around me. I was a very emotionally aware child who had difficulty fitting in and feeling part of something. I felt a deep sense of rejection from a young age. I followed a path of instant gratification and self-soothing as a teenager abusing drugs and alcohol looking for love and belonging. Eventually this took me to a dark place and It was in that darkness that I reached out for help and had a profound experience where I discovered I had much more to offer the world than the irrational beliefs I constructed for myself. 

My own experience with recovery propelled me in a direction of self-discovery, education, personal growth, commitment to personal and professional development. My own awakening process gave me an increased awareness of others and how I can serve people in my community who feel lost. If people learn destructive patterns to self-soothe, they can also learn to create a new way to live that is much more fulfilling with the right guidance and support. 

I have been working as a Chemical Dependency Professional since 2016 in many different settings. I have a heartfelt understanding of each person's unique situation and that helps me to individualize goals using evidence-based practices for successful outcomes. Whether you want to stop using all together or reduce use, I’m ready to walk alongside you.

Ultimately, the objective is to find a course of treatment which will enable a person to finally break free from destructive patterns in their life. The greatest gift is to be able to walk alongside someone in finding their place in this world, develop confidence, learn skills and tools to support change. I enjoy helping others remove barriers and build on their natural strengths. 

In my spare time I like having fun with family, friends and my Australian Shepherd. I love to laugh and enjoy anything that involves art and creativity. An interesting fact about me is that I like to paint rocks and hide them in community parks to spread joy!


27203 216th Ave Southeast

Suite 5

Maple Valley, WA 98038

(425) 584-7570