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About Integrated Medicine for Mental Health


Each Therapist is trained in unique methods to provide you with the highest quality of care.  

Please Note: Thrive is an out-of-network provider which means that we bill you directly.  We DO NOT BILL INSURANCE. A payment source is required to secure an appointment and will be billed on the day of services. If you have insurance we can provide you with a monthly superbill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Integrated Medicine for Mental Health

This is a one on one counseling service that is for individuals who want to learn how to address their mental health in the least invasive manner .  We address mental health from a wholistic perspective to include the body , mind (brain health), soul  (emotions, relationships and spiritual connection).

First you will meet with one of our integrative medicine mental health specialists, who is both knowledgable and passionate about helping you completely eradiacate your mental health symptoms rather than long term management.

Together you and your therapists will identify the unwanted symptons you are experiencing and begin to screen for neurotransmitter imbalances that impact brain funtioning and emotional imbalances. Along the way you will be both guided and educated about the root causes of the current mental health symptomology that you experiencing and the next steps in the process. 

 This approach will often include looking at how your body is functioning at detoxifying which is the root of all DIS EASES (intentionally two words). We will utilize screening tools and lab testing to explore gut health and gut infections and mycotoxins that are causing imbalances in dopamine, seratonin, gaba, and endorphins which are causations of mental health symptoms. 

We will explore sleep habits and food choices that impact mental health and how to sleep and eat for the best brain funtioning as well as recommend supplementation. 


Lastly you will explore with your integrated medicine for mental health specialist the role that the relationships in your life are affecting your health as well as how spirituality is a huge factor in the healing of our bodies.


 These sessions can be scheduled weekly, bi weekly and monthly follow ups. 

50 minutes 


Thrive Wellness Clinic

27203 216th Ave Southeast

Suite 5

Maple Valley, WA 98038

(425) 243-2094

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