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Individual Therapy: When working with individuals,  we value greatly the brokenness that may lead someone to take their first steps towards a counselors office.  Often times in that brokenness one has the unique opportunity to work through their challenges and pursue finding meaning, greater depth and purpose in life.  We believe that the body, mind and soul work in unison and that we cannot suffer in one area of our life without it affecting other areas of our life. Therefore,  we treat each individual from a holistic model of treatment.  Whether suffering from grief, addiction, relationship problems, medical problems or just navigating through life's challenges we need to take care of our body, mind and soul in tandem.  Using a person centered approach combined  with cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing,  we meet each person where they are at in their life journey today, come along side them to help them identify how they got where they are, where they see themselves in the future and help create the path to greater purpose.  


COUPLES THERAPY: When working with couples,  We use the Gottman Approach to couples counseling.  The Gottman Approach was founded by Dr.'s John and Julie Gottman at the University of Washington where they have been studying couples in the
"Love Lab" for over 40 years.  This approach is grounded in scientific research that has proven efficacy in helping couples to achieve greater intimacy and increase their communication skills. We begin by assessing each couple to identify the strengths of their relationship, the areas that need strengthened and develop a plan to strengthen the weaker areas. Our therapists remain neutral, allowing each partner to feel heard and valued in the therapy sessions and relationship while teaching each partner the skills to avoid critical behaviors that have been proven to lead to divorce and separation known as the "Four horseman", teach skills to develop stronger communication skills, increase intimacy, navigate conflict whether perpetual or resolvable and strengthen the couples friendship. 

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